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The leading provider of all-natural, aromatic solutions to combat malodor for industries in need.

Industries We Serve

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Heaven Scent Casket Sprays


Senior Patient with Walker

Silver Scent Odor Freshening Sprays

Assisted Living


Roominiscent Room Freshening Sprays




Heaven Scent is the only provider of aromatic, all-natural fabric sprays for the funeral and assisted living industries. Use our fine mists in your prep area and inside the caskets to retard malodor and around the casket viewing area. It can also be sprayed on furniture (without staining) which will give the viewing area a warm and inviting scent.


Our antibacterial formulas inhibit germ growth and control malodor, replacing it with pleasant, natural scents which linger for days. Choose from a variety of aromas: Lavender, Citrus, Fresh, Bouquet, Earth and Warm Spice. Custom fragrances available upon request.

Heaven Scent sprays will not stain any casket interior or furniture regardless of the fabric and are free of harsh chemicals, which can be harmful to fabrics, the Earth's soil and waterways. 


Enhance your family and guest visitation experience with Heaven Scent.

Pink Blossom
"Our staff has gotten into the habit of using the product for every case, not because I asked them to but because they enjoy the results and feedback they are getting from the funeral directors in the field locations we serve.
The Heaven Scent product elevates our level of care and service to the families we serve and helps us create a positive overall experience as they celebrate the life of their loved one. Thank you for being a partner with us and helping us take the experience to the next level."

Peter J. Manfredi, Jr., General Manager

Northstar Memorial Group, LLC



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